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DIVA was born in united state of America around 1986 in Santa fee – New Mexico under the name (gold house group) by one of the most talented Jordanian business family without any limit for conception of success thus encompasses a wealth of different honorable feeling, and today the heritage continued in Jordan, DIVA present a domestic and international diamond brand sectors bring majestic and royal approach to Jordan high and customers by acting as liaison between the end-user and the diamond main source providers.

As experts in diamond retail management systems and brands distribution, DIVA is involved in every stage upon customers, selection of diamond brand from implementation to completion offering continual satisfactions and high quality service after sale and brand support.

DIVA extensive professional jeweler's skills encompass all aspects of diamond jewelry production operation, including designing, setting, and quality definition, and development of functional specifications for customers approval, overseeing expert teams customizing diamond designs to fit specific customers needs.

Typically, we Jordan most famous site at the diamond retailers locations handling customers gentle contact, providing functional and technical training diamond courses, answering any and all questionable issues that arise when the customers initiates.

DIVA love just to hear you breathing, watch you smile while DIVA sparkling diamond catch your breath and eyes, and if you are far away and dreaming DIVA will leave a touch in your life with sweet surrender passionate moment last just like diamond treasure forever.

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